Crime X Punishment

Crime X Punishment: Modern streetwear meets Russian subculture

Coming soon at… The new Russian streetwear label Crime X Punishment - short CXP - delivers realms of Russian urban subculture into the international fashion sphere. The St. Petersburg based label, founded by Michael Sidorov and Leonid Vilner, is highly inspired by themes and symbols from Fyodor Dostojevsky's novel Crime and Punishment. Along with common Russian culture, the influential cult novel is almost used as a template for the creation of unique styles visualized with Cyrillic terms and symbolic embroideries. The Russian brand’s first collection is entitled «Цел и Невредим», meaning “Safe and Sound” and refers to Sidorov’s and Vilner’s 2009 released music collective Safe’N’Sound. The collection sees a range of sweatshirts, hoodies, T-shirts and caps featuring varied colorful embroidered motifs, Russian cultural symbols and quotations from Dostoevsky. One of CXP's most eccentric attributes is the fact that parts of the clothing material were fabricated by prisoners in Russian state jail as part of their socialization activities. Crime X Punishment truly is the perfect label for an alternative streetstyle in slightly provocative contemporary designs.

CXP Lookbook
CXP Lookbook CXP Lookbook
CXP Lookbook
CXP Lookbook CXP Lookbook
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